Small Business / Personal Website Design Package

Package Details


Design And Set Up 500€ What we include with the design What we include with the system

Small Business Package 400€

About The Package
This package is ideal for small businesses and individuals who need a website which includes a contact form and email with additional options.


You get up to 5 self managed pages, 2 online forms, 5 email accounts, we will use your own images plus you get 5 professional images free.  You also get to choose from three of our basic options or 1 intermediate option (see below).


We will specify and custom build your website from the ground up to work with our Content Management System(CMS), resulting in a unique design.


Additional Charges

Domain registration is payable on a yearly basis and will depend on what type of domain you register.  Hosting and management charges are applicable for hosting your site on one of our servers.


The first 6 months hosting and management is payable up front after the design phase is complete.


Webmail Access

This package allows for 5 email accounts to have webmail access, with a mailbox limit of 100MB.  Additional mailbox space is chargeable and can be split over your active email accounts.


Additional Options

We have a list additional option which can be selected to enhance your website and design.  These are chargeable on a per selection basis and are listed below.

  • Up to 5 self managed pages
  • Free basic logo if needed
  • 1 Contact form
  • 1 Additional form with up to 4 fields
  • Website structure setup
  • Use of client images
  • 5 Free professional images
  • 1 Hours training
  • ftp access if required


Optional Extras

  • Additional pages 15€ per page
  • Additional forms 15€ per form


  • Additional images
    • Small image 3€
    • Medium image 6€
    • Large image 9€


  • Additional languages up to 175€ per language
    • Setup charge of 100€
    • Charged at 15€ per page
    • Includes site structure setup only
    • Does not include translation


  • Webmail  additional space
    • 20€ per year per 500MB
    • 30€ per year per 1GB 



Copy Writing

Copy writing is not included with the package but we can provide this service.  Costs will depend upon whether concepts and ideas are provided by the client or research is required.

  • Up to 2 CMS users
  • User management
  • Domain management
  • Keyword analysis if required
  • Basic SEO (meta tags only)
  • 500MB Monthly bandwidth
  • 250MB disk space
  • 5 email accounts
  • Email setup & management
  • 2 MYSQL databases
  • Database management
  • Monthly website statistics report
  • Shared server hosting


Server Restrictions

  • Disk space 250MB *
  • Monthly bandwidth  500MB **


Once you have reached either limit, you will charged for additional storage or bandwidth if you have exceeded your limit by 25MB.


*   Additional disk space  2€ / 100MB per month
** Additional bandwidth  1€ / 100MB per month


Is this the package for you?

If you are not sure if  this package will  fulfill your business internet needs, then get  in touch for a chat and a free consultation.



Contact us for more  information


Basic Options

  • Basic Blog  
  • Image gallery
  • Comments system 
  • Flicker integration 
  • Send to a friend 
  • Follow module (Social Networks) 
  • Google search 
  • Invite module 
  • Linked in functionalityM
  • Rating system 
  • Twitter tweet module 
  • User points system 
  • User referal 
  • Vote module 
  • Youtube integration 



Live Chat

Intermediate Options

  • Buddy list 
  • Facebook module 
  • Google Maps 
  • Guest book 
  • Private messaging 
  • RSS feed 
  • Subscriptions service 
  • Wiki module 
  • Yahoo weather 
  • Competition module 
  • Mailing list subscription service 

Advanced Options

  • Basic forum 
  • Chatroom 
  • Private chat 
  • SMS email 
  • Video chat